Carlos Carvalho Shells Collection
Pussos - Alvaiázere - Portugal
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Shells aligned from right to left
Tray 01
Ergalataxinae                                                                                                 Coralliophilinae
Drawers size: 41cmm x 71cm
Tray 02
                                        Muricinae                                                          Ergalataxinae
Tray 03
Tray 04
Tray 05
Tray 06
Tray 07
Tray 08
Ocenebrinae                                                                            Muricopsinae         Muricinae
Tray 09
Tray 10
                                                                                               Rapaninae    Ocenebrinae  
Tray 11                                                                                                                                        Typhinae           
Trophoninae                                                                                 Rapaninae
            Some large Murex     
          3 more large Murex