Me and my wife on the road to Chocas,
North of Mozambique
Eu e a minha mulher na estrada para
as Chocas no Norte de Moçambique
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I was born at Mozambique on 1945. Began collecting shells on 1971 at
Inhambane. I was  introduced to the first scientific names by Mr. Tripner, a
German collector that was working at a wood factory at Maxixe. At the time I
had personal contacts with Helen Boswell, Mr.  Walsh, Mr. Grosh and mail
correspondence with  Dieter  Rockel, Richard Kurz, Yepoon Shell Museum,
Pietermaritzburg Shell Museum... Some years ago George Sangiolouglou
from Greece, sent me a copy of a letter I addressed him on 1972, about
shells exchange. He asked if it was really from myself. It was!
On 1975 when Mozambique became an independent country, I came to
Portugal . It was a very hard period of my life. Dieter Rockel assisted me in
selling some rare shells and my collection remain neglected for years. I only
remember visiting Mr. Manuel Balsa at  a shells shop in Sintra, named  
Naturalia Safari , meet  a couple of  times with Mr. Luis Ambar and some
years later Mr. Soares a specialist of Marginella who owned a little shop at
Oeiras. On 1993 I returned to Mozambique and worked there in a Bank until
2001. During those eigth years, five at Maputo and three at Nampula, the
shell fever returned bigger than ever and I dedicated all my free time to get
shells. Now I am retired at a small town and have more time and space to
organize my collection.
My son Joao, Clare Lewtas  
and my grand son Django
Part of the shells to
Parte das conchas para
The drawers with the
Tabuleiros com a coleccão
Some books and publications,
not enough of course...
Alguns livros e publicações,
não os suficientes é claro...
Me and my wife Rosa at Relanzapo Beach,  at Nacala, Mozambique on
Carlos Duraes
de Carvalho
Shell Collection
Nilo and Dzigi at my courtyard
December 2012