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  Oliva annulata Complex

I am obliged to Juan de Roux a colector
from Colombia for his correction of my
Oliva maculata, which I had classified as
Oliva annulata forma guttata.  I decided to
put my olives of annulata complex in this
page to be certain they are now correct.
Kindly send your comments if you think that
something is wrong
Oliva amethystina
Oliva amethystina Röding, 1798
Solomons Island  34mm
E-MAIL Carlos Carvalho
Oliva  amethystina forma carnicolor Dautzemberg, 1927
Philippines   46,5mm
Oliva amethystina Röding, 1798
Philippines Bohol 39mm
Oliva maculata Duclos, 1840
Mozambique          64,6mm

 Oliva mantichora
Oliva mantichora Duclos, 1840
Mozambique     45,5mm
Oliva mantichora forma intricata Dautzemberg, 1927
Madagascar       66mm
Oliva amethystina Röding, 1798
Tahiti     33,7mm

     Oliva maculata
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