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Carlos Carvalho Shells Collection
Variation on Mozambican Conus
All from deep water off South East coast
Shells from my collection.
Amazing colour variation of conus
mercator from West Africa.
Shells from my collection
Two columns on the left: I think two color
variation of Conus janus.
Two columns on the right: Two color
variation of inscriptus adenensis.
Up left are Conus cacao. All the others are
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Cypraea fultoni complex
Basal view       From left to right
- Cypraea fultoni amorimi Raybaudi,
- Cypraea fultoni fultoni Sowerby,
- Cypraea fultoni massieri Lorenz,
- Cypraea fultoni miniatra Raibaudi
Massília G., 1988
Dorsal view of above shells
Fultoni amorimi
Base white to light brown, no spots, spots also
absent or  only a few  on margins, base deltoidal
, number of teeth 20 to 22 with  the same number
on columella and lip, teeth orange-brown,
margins produced
Fultoni fultoni
Base  light brown, fully spotted, spotted
also  on margins,  number of teeth 25 to 27
on the  lip and 16 to 18 on columella, teeth
light brown, margins   produced
Fultoni massieri
Base white to light brown, near yellow,
spots absent on base and only a few on
margins,  number of teeth 23 to 25 on lip
and 15 to 18 on columella, teeth  
orange-brown, margins less  produced,
often granulated with nacre, causing dull
appearance .
Fultoni miniatra
Amazing base  light brown, fully spotted,
spotted also  on margins,  number of teeth
15 on  lip and 21 on columella,  teeth light
brown and produced to the margin,
margins  not produced and rounded, body
depressed  and cylindrical shape
All the shells published on this
page and on the entire Site belong
to Carlos Carvalho collection
Oliva annulata
Bibliography : Burgess - The Living Cowries, 1970
                 Lorenz & Hubert - AGuide To Worldwide Cowries